Light, tasty fish recipes

Light, tasty fish recipes

Whether trout or pangasius, fresh or saltwater fish, fish dishes are totally trendy, for they are easily digestible and can be prepared in so many different ways. Fish is healthful, its protein enters the bloodstream quickly, it can be easily used by the body, and it is easily digested.

With fish on the table, a sense of bloating and lapses in concentration are a thing of the past. Many people think preparing fresh fish is problematic. But, with the right cookware and a few tips, it can be done in next to no time.

Important tips for buying and preparing fish

preparing fish

When shopping for fish, freshness is the top priority. Luckily, this is easy to judge: In fresh fish, the eyes are clear and shiny, the bright red gills are firmly attached, and the indentation made when you press on it with your finger disappears quickly. Fresh fillets are moist and have no dry edges or discolorations. Fish should be used one day after purchase at the latest. First clean it thoroughly under running water, then pat dry with paper towels. If you do not wish the fish to be filleted at the store, you will need a good knife. The filleting knife profession line is ideal. Its flexible blade easily separates the flesh from the skin and bones.

How can fish be cooked?

If you want to fry fish, you should use a nonstick sealed pan. The protect emax premium guarantees that the fish will be cooked gently and will not fall apart when it is turned. Before the fillets are placed in the pan, they should be seasoned with salt. If they are also going to be breaded, they need to be sprinkled with lemon juice beforehand as well.  That certain something helps when you are cooking the fish in a grill pan – though not all kinds of fish are equally good for this. As a rule of thumb, the firmer and the more oil-rich the fish is - such as salmon, trout and tuna - the better. Thanks to its nonstick sealing, the special grill pan fries gently, while giving the food its typical grilled flavor. If you would like to prepare the fish whole, the oval special fish pan offers the space you need for this. It can be used to conjure up delicious dishes, not only on the stovetop, but in the oven, too - for example, fish in (aluminum) foil. Enclosed like this, it can intensely absorb the flavor of herbs and the accompanying vegetables.

Almost any type of fish can be gently steamed. First season it with salt, pepper and lemon juice, then add a little white wine for an especially intense flavor. Ideal for steaming are pots with an inset, such as the one in the original pro collection®. There is no need to use fat when steaming; three centimeters of water suffice. The rising steam cooks the fish gently, while keeping it extremely moist and optimally preserving the flavor, vitamins, and other nutrients. Our tip: In the case of thicker fish, make several diagonal cuts into the fish, about one centimeter deep, on both sides - so that the heat can be distributed better.

When is the fish ready to be served?

To find out whether the fish is finished, pierce the flesh gently with a fork and pull it apart a little. If it is white or light-colored inside, the fish is done. The time that is needed depends on how thick the fish or the fillets are. As a rule, however, all kinds of fish cook more quickly than meat.

For more information, you can refer to our step-by-step instructions on "How to fillet fish."

So let’s go "fishing"!!


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